Wireless Waste Recycling



United Way of Charles County Becomes Cell Phone Recycling Site

Do you have old cell phones, chargers and other components that you don't know how to safely recycle?  United Way of Charles County has a free wireless waste recycling program that can help.
This new program does two things.  It raises environmental awareness and keeps cell phones and batteries from going into landfills and water supplies. Secondly, it is generating  much needed revenue for the local United Way.
The program has been endorsed by United Way of America. According to statistics provided by the national United Way organization, cell phones contain lead, arsenic, beryllium and other hazardous toxins that leach into the environment through landfills. One cell phone, if thrown away, can pollute 40,000 gallons of ground water.
United Way of Charles County has placed collection boxes it its headquarters on La Plata Road and is ready to begin collecting phones. Businesses that would like to serve as collection sites may do so through a simple online process. Once they have set up an account as a subsidiary of the United Way of Charles County's account, all proceeds collected through the recycling of those phones will also come to United Way of Charles County.
Fedex has agreed to ship collection boxes to host sites and to ship the filled boxes to the headquarters of the Wireless Alliance in Boulder Colorado -- all free of charge. The Wireless Alliance will pay for every phone received. They will destroy all personal data and will recycle phones, chargers, batteries and packaging materials. Approximately half of the equipment will be shredded and smelted; the remainder will be resold into the marketplace. According to information supplied by the Wireless Alliance, "The people who buy these phones are certified refurbishers, and as a requirement for buying phones from us, these refurbishers must remove the data from the phones at a level that is much deeper than the industry standard. The Wireless Alliance also removes and destroys SIM cards."
The United Way of Charles County is committed to making a positive community impact in areas of critical importance to the well-being of our citizens. Keeping our environment free of waste and toxins is important to us and is something everyone can get involved in at some level. Recycling is the most eco-friendly thing to do with old cell phones, and now there's a safe and simple way to do that."
For more information, call United Way of Charles County at 301-609-4844 or e-mail info@unitedwaycharles.org.
If your business would like to support United Way of Charles County by being a cell phone recycling host site, click here!