United Way of Charles County has established written policies to ensure strong financial management, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, compliance with all United Way Worldwide membership requirements and internal controls over all United Way resources.  

Each year a Certified Public Accountant is engaged to perform an independent audit in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards.  The Audit for the year ending August 31, 2018 is available for review here.  
Our IRS Form 990 is prepared and filed in a timely and accurate fashion.  The finance committee and Board review internal financial statements and statements of financial position monthly.  The annual budget is developed to ensure prudent use of UWCC's financial and human resources; it is approved by the Finance Committee, the Executive Committee, and finally, the full Board of Directors.
All campaign accounting policies are maintained in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) pronouncements, IRS regulations and United Way Worldwide total resources generated policy.  
Our Executive Director, Mike Bellis and our Treasurer will gladly address any questions about specific policies and practices that you may have.

Published Policies